Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance

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Board Members
Lillian Benson  (ACE)
David Bertman  (ACE)
Stewart Schill  (ACE)
Sam Seig (ACE)
Tom Menrath  (ASG)
Michael Kruli  (AVID)
Rich Hinson  (MTSU)
Libby Hinson  (MTSU)
Mark Lanza  (MPSE)
Tom McCarthy  (MPSE)
Anne-Marie Slack  (MPSE)
Steve Saltzman  (MPSE)
Scott Gershin  (MPSE)
Keith Gayhart  (MPSE/SMPTE)
Brian Gaffney  (SMPTE)
April Tucker  (SOUND GIRLS)
Karrie Keyes  (SOUND GIRLS)
Anthony Magliocco  (VES)
Alan  Meyerson
Anna Medakovich
Mission Statement

The Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentorship Alliance (EIPMA) provides expert guidance to young people seeking meaningful and productive careers in the entertainment industry. We are a coalition of trade groups and professional organizations involved in an array of behind-the-scenes art, craft and technology roles that support the magic of movies, television shows, and other media. Our goal is to ensure the continued health and progress of our industry by nurturing its next generation of talent.

Drawing on the deep experience of our members, we act as a source for career information and counseling. We disseminate knowledge through public events, school programs, media outreach and direct mentorship. We believe in diversity and are committed to assisting individuals across all races, creeds and economic circumstances. Our goal is to serve as a bridge linking highly-accomplished, working professionals with those aspiring to follow in their footsteps.
Board of Representatives
  • Molly Shock
  • Fabienne Rawley
  • Samuel Ashe
  • Crystal Jones
  • Richard McKernan
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Sherry Klein
  • Peter Kelsey
  • Becki Barabas
  • Seth Hallen
  • Phil Kubel
  • Karen Dunn
  • Bernard Weiser
  • Chris Reeves
  • Maureen Droney
  • Candace Yang
  • Jett Galindo
  • Jasmine Mills

Special Representatives
  • Jessica Bedford
  • Farnaz Smilina
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