Open House 03-07-20 - EIPMA

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Held at AVID Technology in Burbank, California on Saturday March 07, 2020

Learn how EIPMA can work with you and your institution to help young people get started on exciting and challenging, behind-the-scenes careers in motion pictures, television and music.
Jett Galindo (EIPMA/Sound Girls) & Srishti Blyani (Sound Girls)
Linda Rosner (EIPMA/SMPTE) & Richard McKernan (EIPMA / AVID)
Lauren Johnson (EIPMA / AVID), Jett Galindo (EIPMA / Sound Girls)
Launch Event Check-In 1
Launch Event Check-In 2

Launch Event Check-In 3
Sherry Klien (EIPMA/CAS), Bryan Castle (AVID)
Sarah Martinico, Jett Galindo (EIPMA/Sound Girls)
Molly Shock (EIPMA/ACE), Mildred Moriterrosa (NEP)
Audience Candid 1

Audience Candid 2

Bernard Weiser (President EIPMA)
Audience Candid 3

Brett King (VP, Creative Programming, Diversity & Inclusion for Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Tom McCarthy (Exec. VP, Post Production Facilities at Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Brian Gaffney (SMPTE), Sherry Klien (EIPMA/CAS), Molly Shock (EIPMA/ACE), Bernard Weiser (EIPMA / MPSE)
Overflow audience  watching panel on screen.
Audience & Panel 1
Richard Wollrich (SMPTE / AES-Hollylwood) speaking in Breakout Discussion 1
Richard Wollrich (SMPTE / AES-Hollylwood) speaking in Breakout Discussion 2
Bernard Weiser (EIPMA / MPSE), Peter Kelsey (EIPMA / CAS), Carol Urban (CAS) - CAS – MPSE Breakout Discussion
Brian Gaffney (SMPTE) speaking in NEP – SMPTE Breakout Discussion
Seth Hallen (EIPMA/HPA) speaking in Breakout Discussion
Lillian Benson (EIPMA / ACE) speaking in ACE Breakout Discussion

Molly Shock and the Group
Lauren Johnson (EIPMA / AVID), Richard McKernan (EIPMA/AVID), Sherry Klien (EIPMA/CAS), Peter Kelsey (EIPMA/CAS)
Mark Lanza (EIPMA / MPSE), Bernard Weiser (EIPMA / MPSE), Tom McCarthy (EIPMA /Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Brian Gaffney (SMPTE), (?)

Bryan Castle (AVID), Molly Shock (EIPMA/ACE)
Peter Kelsey (EIPMA/CAS), Sherry Klien (EIPMA/CAS), Jim DeFilippis (EIPMA / SMPTE)
Bernard Weiser (EIPMA / MPSE), Brett King (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Bernard Weiser (EIPMA / MPSE)

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