Lost in Translation 09/17--11/12 - EIPMA

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September 17th to  November 12, 2022
Selected Saturdays, 10:00am to 12:00pm PDT
Lost in Translation

An in-depth discussion about non-theatrical Atmos
Presented by EIPMA

EIPMA is proud to produce this much-needed discussion on the state of Immersive Sound for the home consumer. Much has been discussed about theatrical releases, but there hasn’t been a lot of conversation about non-theatrical Atmos, from home theatres to sound bars and single units that distribute sound around a room.  Previously for films, mixing and playback were accomplished in controlled environments. In this new era of audio, we work with files that will be decoded by numerous technologies. Post-production is now encountering the challenges that music has faced for decades, from listening on multiple speaker systems, to grabbing a cassette and running out to the car to listen. Must we now build secondary mix rooms that reflect sound off the ceiling and walls? What about phantom center? How do we hear how our work translates to the vast array of technologies that consumers now use?

This series will span five sessions. We’ll cover mix rooms that support consumer technologies, how the music industry is adapting, and how music and post-production are coming together. We’ll also cover post-production and how that differs from Atmos theatrical. Our fourth session will be about how designing and preparing for Atmos in the editorial world differs creatively, and what can be done on a non-theatrical budget.
Our final panel will encompass what we’ve learned from this series, the challenges that face us, and solutions we have in common. We’re learning together! Let’s dig in!.

This webinar series will begin September 17th, 10am to 12 noon Pacific Time and consist of five sessions between September 17 and November 5..

September 17, 2022:
Webinar 1 – “Translation: Studio Design to the Consumer”

Moderator: Andrew Scheps

A conversation with leading manufacturers and studio builders about how audio content is being prepared, mixed, and delivered, and how it will translate from the mix room to the consumer. Challenges and solutions will be discussed.

Panelists:      Jose Castellon-Rich          DOLBY
                    Greg Mc Callister            SONOS
                    Chris Hansen                  HARMAN / JBL
                    Justin Herman                SONY STUDIOS
                    Bill Johnson                    FORMOSA

October 1, 2022:
Webinar 2 – “Translation: For Atmos Music”

Moderator: Andrew Scheps

What exactly is Dolby Atmos Music and how is it different than stereo? How does the immersive sound format translate into the home environment? What did the manufacturers envision and what kind of gear do you need to listen to it at home?

Panelists:        Steve Genewick
                     Ann Mincieli
                    Jimmy Douglass
                     Richard Chycki

October 8, 2022:
Webinar 3 – “Mixing for Non-Theatrical Atmos”

Moderator: Scott Gershin - MPSE

Mixing for immersive sound is now well established for the theatrical release of movies. This conversation will cover challenges that are facing mix stages, the tools that enable us to do our jobs, audio translation from the mix stage to the consumer, creativity vs time challenges, fold down issues— Atmos to 7.1, 5.1 stereo, and headphones. Also covered will be the huge amount of deliverables required, plus QC notes from the studios, and the need to address these for all of the formats.

Panelists:       Scott Weber - CAS
                    Matt Waters - CAS
                    Larry Benjamin - CAS
                    Andy Koyama - CAS
                    Tom Ozanich - MPSE

October 22, 2022:

Webinar 4 – “Sound Design / Preparing for a Non-Theatrical Atmos Mix”

Moderator: Scott Gershin

These discussions will focus on what is done in edit rooms and what is done on the mix stage. Preparing and designing sessions for non-theatrical Atmos. Covered will be plug-in compatibility with the mix stage, complex mix templates, how the edit rooms of the future will be designed, along with  the challenges of working from home while preparing for an Atmos session.

Panelists:       Jamey Scott - MPSE
                    Craig Henigan - MPSE
                    Geoff Rubay
                    Mandell Winter - MPSE
                   Scott Kramer - Netflix

November 12, 2022:
(formerly November 05th)
Webinar 5 – “Translating to Atmos - Recap”

Moderator: Carolyn Giardina

This session will summarize what we’ve learned from this series’ previous four conversations, covering the challenges that face our industries, realistic solutions have been offered and predictions for the next five years.

Panelists:      Scott Kramer - Netflix
                    Scott Gershin - MPSE
                   Andrew Scheps
                    Maureen Droney - Recording Academy

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