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Vaughan Int'l Film Festival

Vaughan International Film Festival

Established in 2013, this exciting 5-day event proudly showcases both local and international talent at all levels. Audiences are presented with multi-genre short films, offering an ideal opportunity for independent and budding film creators to put forth their work. The Vaughan Int’l Film Festival aims to create a festival experience by providing an innovative platform for the filmmaker and film enthusiast and offering a stage for the art of storytelling. By bringing together industry, community, and education, VFF encourages like-minded professionals to invest in the next wave of artists.

This not-for-profit organization brings you public film screenings of Canadian and international cinema, vibrant social events, and a lavish awards show complete with the prestigious Golden Reel Awards. They also support and further arts education with various scholarships and bursaries granted to young filmmakers, art students, and educational institutions in their city. Throughout the past several years, VFF has remained focused and true to its objective to satisfy the cultural appetite of their growing community while offering an art forum befitting a world-class city. They look forward to delighting audiences for years to come.
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